10 Close Fan Theories To The Real About Attack On Titan !

10 Close Fan Theories To The Real About Attack On Titan !

It's been over a decade since the manga's first chapter was released, and Attack on Titan is coming to an end in lower than a month. suckers of the series are sad that there will not be any further chapters in one of the topmost stories ever written and excited to see how the trip that Hajime Isayama took them on will end. While they stay for chapter 139 to come out, some suckers have been allowing about how the series may end. numerous propositions are going around, but nothing knows for sure what Isayama has planned. With all of the twists and turns included in the Attack on Titan series, still, it wouldn't be that far- brought if some of these wild addict propositions were true. 

1. The Eldians Will Explore The Outside World 

 Now that a huge percent of the population has been killed and numerous of the Eldians' adversaries have come to see that they were wrong for abhorring and stewing the people inside the walls, the Eldians may eventually leave their country. When the series began, utmost of the people in Paradis were hysterical to go outdoors and begrudged the Survey Corps for doing just that. still, without a reason to be hysterical , they may eventually feel the way that Eren, Armin, and the other dogfaces felt. 

2.The World Now Hate Eldia More and More

While there are people who understand that they were wrong to treat Eldians so inadequately, there will presumably not be others who'll not accept how their conduct redounded in The Growling, solely condemning Eren and the people he formerly fought with. One of the stylish effects about Attack on Titan is how numerous perspectives there are over the same situation, with suckers understanding how nearly every character feels. It would make a lot of sense that while the Eldians do not have as numerous adversaries as they did ahead, the bones they still have will detest them indeed more. 

3.The Whole Story Of AOT is a Story That Armin Who Wrote it 

Armin has always been a big anthology. When he was a child, he set up a book about the world outside of Paradis and showed it to Eren, which is how they first got curious about what was beyond the walls. When Armin was inside the match with Zeke, he told him that one of the effects that made life worth living for him was reading a good book. It wouldn't be a surprise if Armin either wrote down all of the series's events as a nonfiction story or if everything that happed was commodity he made up, especially since his voice actor is the narrator of the anime. suckers have always believed he could not die, but what if there was not indeed anything to kill him? 

4.Historia's Baby ..The Next Shifter Of The Beast Titan

When an heir of the Nine elephants dies, their power will go into a baby upon their birth, as long as they were not eaten by a person that turned into a Goliath. Seeing how Zeke was killed when Levi guillotined him, his power will be transferred over to a invigorated Eldian. suckers have known that Historia has been pregnant for a while now, and she was about to give birth the last time she was seen. By now, the coming member of the royal family could formerly be born. Since this child is a distant relation of Zeke's, it'd make a lot of sense if this baby came the Beast Titan. 

5.Gabi , Jean and Connie They Gonna Become Titan Shifters

In chapter 138, Jean, Connie, and Gabi all came elephants and the Eldians that were not titan shifters at Fort Slava. These new elephants started attacking Reiner, Annie, and Pieck, with numerous compendiums noticing that Connie and Jean were eating Reiner. Jean, Connie, and Gabi may come the coming wain, Armored, and womanish elephants, especially Jean, as he was smelling Reiner at the reverse of his neck. It'd be intriguing if, after all this time, these three inherited a Goliath in the final chapter. 

6.Eren Had To lose

Though Eren's thing may have sounded to have The Growling destroy the world outside of Paradis, it may actually be that he wanted to lose. He always wanted his favored bones to be free, and by having them save the world, they would no longer be in peril from Marley or any of the other countries that stressed the elephants . This would especially make sense since he allowed them to fight against him when he could have fluently removed their powers since he's the founding Titan's heir. 

7.Ymir The God Of TiTans

The elephants would noway have was if it were not for Ymir. After she stole a gormandizer, King Fritz transferred his men to hunt her down. She ran outside a tree where she connected with the Source of All Living Matter, getting the first Goliath shifter. 

8.Eren Is Not Dead

Eren has survived getting shot in the head by Gabi, being blown up by Armin, and innumerous other dangerous situations. Though it really does feel like he's dead now, that is not inescapably the case, and Isayama could surprise compendiums one last time. Whether it be that he is in Paradis and is using his War Hammer Titan to control the Growling like numerous believe or if the Source of All Living Matter will attach to him one last time, Eren could still live for another four times, when the Curse of Ymir would presumably, eventually kill him. 

9.Eren Uses TimeTravel To The Past 

The first time compendiums saw Eren was when he woke up to see Mikasa above him. He was confused as he'd a agony that caused him to cry but could not flash back anything about it except Mikasa's short hair. In recent chapters, Eren as a child has been seen more, so he could veritably well be featuring of the present and lose his memory when he wakes up. To make this proposition indeed more intriguing, there was a mysterious scene in chapter 138. Eren and Mikasa had escaped the war between Paradis and Marley and started living on their own. The last thing that Mikasa says in this scene is," See you latterly. Eren", which she also said in his dream. 

10.Attack On Titan Series Is Just a Timeloop

Historia watched most about in the world was Ymir, and it wouldn't be a surprise if she named her child after her. Seeing how Yeagerists have taken over Paradis, Eren may come the new king of the walls and overthrowHistoria.However, a Yeagerist may take the crown and turn out to be King Fritz, If he does not have a child. One day, this new Ymir will steal a gormandizer, leading her to come into contact with the Source of All Living Matter, and the entire series will repeat itself. 

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