Naruto vs One piece vs Bleach

Naruto VS One piece VS Bleach

-I've never watched Bleach or One Piece since I've always been a huge Naruto fan, but I just want to say that if all three can amass that many fans, they must all be good anime. Although I don't think they should be compared. Every anime has its ups and downs.
I'm just going to say that the good things about Naruto are that the battles aren't just power battles, they're not that simple. The whole "jutsu" and "chakra" is very detailed and logical. The battles also have strategy, something that I feel is missing in a lot of action anime.
The lows, some people hate fillers (although I don't, it's good to take a break from the main plot once in a while) and some characters. Especially Sakura and Karin. Although for Sakura, if she wasn't so crazy about Sasuke, people would definitely have liked her more.

-I would say that this is a very difficult debate for many reasons. but the Bleach universe will most likely win.
Reason 1. Most characters in Bleach are Soul Reapers and therefore invisible to the naked eye.
Reason 2. The Naruto universe is probably the only anime that has a fighting chance against Bleach.
Reason 3. Many characters from Bleach or Naruto would shoot most One Piece.
Reason 4. Characters who actually stand a chance against Bleach are largely outdated.
Reason 5. Those with low spiritual pressure would die or become extremely disoriented due to the spiritual pressure of soul harvesters.

-Naruto. I found everything in Bleach other than Soul Society very boring and the characters extremely boring. One Piece, I admit, is probably better quality than Naruto and Bleach, but Naruto had the most likable cast of characters and while the world itself is better in One Piece, the ninja world has a lot to discover. The power system and combat are the most exciting to watch.

1. Naruto - This is my favorite. Its only downside is that the narrative gets very slow at times.
2. Bleach - I enjoyed watching it, but it's really annoying that so many captains bankai weren't revealed.
3. One Piece - There is nothing to watch except Whitebeard's war arc in this anime.

One Piece, Naruto and Bleach - they are also called "The Big 3".

Just a Quick Comparison

This will be a very detailed comparison, so only read on if you have a lot of spare time and patience.

Even though I'm a huge One Piece fan, I'm going to try to be as impartial as possible. Please stay tuned. I am very sorry if you feel offended.

Now let's put some confusion aside:

1. Dragon Ball is not in the Big Three: Many people still think that Dragon Ball is in the Big Three with Naruto and One Piece instead of Bleach.

2. The term is related to the manga, not the anime: There is a common misconception among fans. They believe that the Big 3 refers to the anime adaptations of Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece. In fact, it is referring to the manga.

3. Not official: The term is not official and they are only called the Big Three in the West. The term was given to it because it was the most popular manga series of the early to mid-2000s in the West.

Before we get into the actual comparison, let's take a look at the actual sales and odds, because numbers don't lie.


One Piece is the best-selling manga of all time, with sales of over 490 million copies.

Naruto is the fourth best selling manga with estimated sales of around 250 million copies.

Bleach is the 13th best selling manga with estimated sales of 120 million copies.


One Piece Manga - 9.15, Anime - 8.58

Naruto Manga - 8.06, Average. = 8.07 (Naruto - 7.94, Shippuden - 8.20)

Bleach manga-7.68, anime-7.81


MyAnimeList.net - Anime and manga database and community

Let's start the comparison:

I'm going to compare both the anime and the manga, but since Naruto and the Bleach manga ended, I'll start with the anime first, then the manga so the anime is only looking at Boruto (I'll include Boruto here and there in the comparison too since it's a sequel to Naruto) and Bleach (now that he's back! !) they weren't spoiled.

These are the comparison criteria:

1. World building.

2. Personality development.

3. The quality of the animation in the case of the anime and the art style in the case of the manga.

4. The general plot (including the goals and personality of the main protagonist)

5. Battles and power systems

6. An audio recording in the case of the anime

7. Liabilities

Let's start with the anime:

1. World building.

a) One Piece: I think One Piece should be a clear winner here. The world is huge with hundreds of thousands of islands. Each island is inspired by a real-world location, but then Oda added his own twist to make it even better. Some are amazing and some are downright weird. There are islands above the sky, under the water, on huge elephants, on waterfalls, islands made of sweets, etc.

One Piece's map :

The whole is divided by a huge piece of land that goes around the world, which is called the "Red Line". Another ocean that goes around the world horizontally is called the Grand Line. The Grand Line is separated from the surrounding oceans by a narrow strip of water that runs on either side of the Grand Line called the "Belt of Tranquility". Together the Red Line and the Grand Line divide the world into 4 oceans called East Blue, West Blue, North Blue and South Blue.

Here are some of my favorite islands from the One Piece universe:

Arabasta / Alabasta

Enies Lobby

b) Naruto: The world of Naruto contains many regions, each with a specific town. There are 5 great nations with very powerful ninjas and resources, etc. These countries are called the "Five Great Nations". Most of the story revolves around Konohagakure, so we don't know much about the other four countries except for a few glimpses here and there. After Konoha, I think Sona is the most watched city. The world building is good...not that great, but it's not the worst either.

Here is the Naruto map:

The 5 great nations






c) Bleach: I think Bleach has the least universal structure of the big three. There are only three places in the bleach world. There is the living world where ordinary people live, then there is Soul Society where the Shinigami live. Finally, there is Hueco Mundo where the hole lies. While the world-building certainly isn't the worst, it's not great compared to One Piece and Naruto. The only locations shown in the living world are Karakura Town and Ichigo's home and school.

These are the locations of Bleach

Living World (Karakura Town)

Soul community

Hueco Mundo

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