Can Hemejima Gyomei Solo Akaza ?

Can Hemejima Gyomei Solo Akaza ?

First Of All

Gyomei are generally stronger and faster, but Akaza's cockroach-like tenacity can take a fight into a battle of attrition, in which case it depends on how close they get to dawn. I'd say Peak Gyomei can hold off Akaza for two to three hours due to his stamina, but anything more would tire him out quickly.

First, Gyomei has been firmly cemented as Hashira's highest honor time and time again, both by Inosuke's remarks and by Kokushibou calling him the strongest warrior of the past 300 years. He doesn't say "human" or "demon slayer", just a warrior. This probably also includes Akaza, he's pretty much the definition of a warrior. Even if not, Gyomei is still the strongest Hashira at this point, meaning he's stronger/faster than Sanemi. Sanemi and Giyu are tied for the Infinite Power Arc.
But Sanemi was actually stronger in the final arc due to bloodshed which increased his combat power as 
mentioned in the guide.



  skills and abilities of Gyomei


Master Swordsman: Within the Demon Slayer Corps, Geomi is the strongest of all the Pillars. He is also a skilled swordsman.
Unique Weapon: Gyomei wields a hand ax with a serrated flail attached to the handle with a long chain. To wield his unique weapon, he uses the sound of the chain to judge the position of the flail and axe, covering and even capitalizing on his blindness. The chain, serrated flail, and pickaxe are all constructed using the same metals used to create Nichirin's blades. The craftsmanship of the weapon is reputed to be of an incredibly high class and even superior to the swords forged in the Sengoku period, when sword forging and forging were already at their peak.
Enhanced Strength: Jyomi possesses tremendous physical strength, which is shown when he uses his strength to push a large boulder larger than himself through the city. With Repeated Actions, you can perform a series of predetermined movements to increase focus.
Enhanced Reflexes: During a battle with Kokushibo, Gyomei was honored for his extremely agile, quick, and fast reflexes that allowed him to dodge attacks with ease, in contrast to Gyomei's large build.
Enhanced Hearing: Gyomei has an enhanced sense of hearing, allowing him to hear the sound of Muzan Kibutsugi's flesh regenerating.
See Through the World (透き通る世界 Sukitoru Sekai): A different perspective on the world. Despite being blind, Geomi gained the ability to see without using his eyes. By naturally sensing the people and things around him, Gyomei can create images of his enemies in his mind.
Demon Slayer Mark: During his battle against Upper Moon One, Kokushibo, Gyomei awakens the Demon Slayer Mark. It appears as cracked ground patterns on both forearms. When activated, his physical speed, strength, and reflexes are greatly increased.

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