Top 10 Craziest Anime Fan propositions That Turned Out To Be True! "Part 2"

Top 10 Craziest Anime Fan propositions That Turned Out To Be True! "Part 2"

6. Your Name and Riding With You're Set on The Same World 

 Just from a regard of Weathering With You’s caravan, numerous suckers were in the opinion that it's set in the same world as Your Name. still, the maturity refused to believe it till Taki and Mitsuha made their bijous in the film, thereby attesting the proposition. Makoto Shinkai is coming up with another film in Fall 2022, Suzume no Tojimari, and suckers are awaiting the film to be set in the same world again. Obviously, the plot wo n’t be related in any way. But the fact that that the flicks are set in a common world opens up the possibilities for familiar faces to show up. 

7.Fourth Gear Of Luffy

 Luffy’s Fourth Gear is like Goku’s Ultra Instinct. We all saw it coming periods before it actually came. It's really Luffy’s topmost powerup that he ever entered. It not only helped him to keep up with his adversary’s exponentially growing strength but also boosted his speed, stamina, and abidance to a huge extent. For times, Luffy just kept switching between Gear second and Gear third, but suckers noway gave up their expedients on seeing the fourth bone.
The delay was fully worth it since the powerup counts as one of the biggest One Piece moments of all time. 

8. Light Becomes a Shinigami After Death 

 One of the numerous conditions of using the Death note states that the stoner will neither go to heaven nor to hell. That’s when the anime suckers came up with addict propositions that turned out to be true. It was given that Light would die by the end of the series, the question was, would he come a shinigami. Given the rules of death note, can you suppose of a place that is n’t heaven or hell or Earth? Yes, the Shinigami realm. suckers came up with propositions that all the Shinigamis were formerly humans who tried exploiting the powers of Death note. 

It was at the end of Death Note Relight where we saw an unnamed Shinigami with striking parallels with Light. He'd a red tie around his forepart, just like Light’s high academy livery, along with a analogous fleece and runner bag. The unnamed Shinigami tossed Ryuk an apple just like how Light used to give. Light must have lost his recollections after getting reincarnated, and that’s why he was curious about Ryuk’s story( his own history). still, he did n’t stay till Ryuk completed his history as if he formerly knew the end. 

9. Dabi is Shoto Todoroki’s Brother 

 Blue eyes, unwavering will, and unexampled incinerating powers, everything in Dabi suggested that he could be ever related to the Todoroki family. We always had our dubieties, but Chapter 252 of My Hero Academia verified that Dabi’s true identity is Toya Todoroki, Endeavor’s eldest son. bid finds himself responsible for what happed to Toya, and he must have created the monster we see in Dabi. It all makes sense from the fact that Dabi holds a heavy grudge towards Endeavor and his family. 

10.Yuga Aoyama Turns Out To Be u.a’s snake 

 We all had our dubieties over Yuga Aoyama but simply ignored the possibility just for him not having enough watch time. still, Chapter 336 of My Hero Academia shocked us by revealing that Aoyama was indeed the snake who fed All for One every vital intel fromU.A. The chapter also revealed that Aoyama was born without a quip, but his parents resorted to All for one’s powers to implant a quip into him. This explains why Aoyama’s nonmilitary ray had a dangerous effect. It was n’t Aoyama’s quip, to begin with, so naturally, his body rejected it. Now, everything comes at a cost, and All for one forced him to insinuateU.A as a vengeance. 

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